The Fall of Flutterby

Craven Traitorious has declared himself king of Spirata Planum. His Fallen Stone Pixies have tied down Flutterby Falls School for the Gifted as his factories pump dark clouds into the skies and ship Achrom through the realm portals that once transported Chroma.

The skies here are no longer full of Fairy Painters fired from toadstool cannons, spreading Chroma across the realms. More Fairies go missing every day, and yet the number of Pixies continues to grow.

The Flutterby Falls Faculty and a single squad of Fairy Painters are hiding out nearby in Cogs Village. Dr Cornelius Hue – custodian of Chroma – is troubled by the actions of Craven, his former friend and partner. Dr Hue, Sprat Marail and Copper Joss hatch a plan to claim back Flutterby Falls School and find their missing friends.


Fallen Stone Pixies

Skill Squish, Drain

Fallen Stone Pixies

When a Fairy has too much Chroma, their wings drop off and their mind becomes twisted - a Pixie is born. Sick of being treated as second class citizen, these pixies have rallied behind Craven Tratorious - self-proclaimed king of Spirata Planum.

Flutterby Faculty

Skill Trade

Flutterby Faculty

These teachers and mentors were based in Flutterby Falls School for the Gifted until the Fallen Stone Pixies attacked. They're now hiding out in Cogs Village. Dr Cornelius Hue, custodian of Chroma, knows he needs to put a stop to Craven's atrocities.

Chroma Squadron

Skill Splat, Gain

Chroma Squadron

These nimble Fairies would ordinarily be painting the realms with Chroma. Since Craven's attack on Flutterby Falls school, they've modified their spray-packs to take the fight to the Pixies. More Fairies go missing every day. Chroma Squadron are determined to find their missing friends.

The Fall of Flutterby Stories

A Glimmer Of Truth
A Glimmer Of Truth Part 2
A Glimmer Of Truth Finale

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