The Siege of Draco Temple

Darkness spreads through Arcus Via. After the Drakes' successful ambush at a meeting of the Elder Dragons, all but two of the ancient leaders are left entombed in stone.

Tenebris, twisted by Achrom, leads the Drakes in a siege of Draco Temple and has corrupted the region’s realm portal. With this door to the fairy realm now closed, a vital supply of Chroma has ceased.

In Draco Temple, the great Darnakusk mentors Tengri to lead the Dragons and their allies. Their only hope is to find a way through the Achrom blockade and seek help from their fairy friends.

In the ruins of the draconic dynasties, temple monks, mononokes, rocs and all manner of native creatures find themselves drawn into battle, pledging their alliegance to one side or the other.


Stone Waste Drakes

Skill Sacrifice

Stone Waste Drakes

Tenebris' Drakes are corrupted by Achrom and seek power at any cost. They've already removed Arcus Via's leaders and Chroma supply. Now they turn their attention to the defiant Dragons they have besieged in Draco Temple.

Draco Defenders

Skill Gain

Draco Defenders

Outnumbered and surrounded, these brave Dragons are all that stand in the way of the Drakes' total domination of Arcus Via. What some Dragons lack in size and strength, they make up for in heart and determination.

Denizens of Arcus Via

Skill Research

Denizens of Arcus Via

Draco Planum is populated by all manner of wonderous creatures that are neither dragon nor drake. No matter their allegiance or agenda, they too are drawn into the conflict between Achroma and Chroma.

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