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The Achroma app has been updated to version 1.2.4. With this update comes new features, a fresh look and some bug fixes.

Swipe up from the home screen and you can still access your Shard Bank, though it’s now a bit quicker to create or join a local session. There’s also a handy tutorial here now to help new players get to grips with Gain, Drain and Steal during a game of Achroma.

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Tapping the central hex icon (the one with your avatar in it) will take you to your Account. Here’s where most of the changes can be found. Aside from a slicker look and a more responsive feel, you’ll notice a couple of new features: namely the Achrometer and Achievements.

The Achrometer is an indication of your personal Chroma/Achrom alignment. Depending on how you win games of Achroma when part of a local session, your Achrometer will adjust accordingly. Win a game by reaching 30 shards in your Bank? Your Achrometer will fill with a little Chroma. Manage to Drain other players down to zero and your Achrometer will fill with some Achrom! We’ll be adding more ways you can influence your Achrometer soon.

Achievements are awarded for completing certain actions within the Achroma app. There are a handful of achievements to earn right now, such as winning a game of Achroma, hosting a local game session, and unlocking all cards from The Curse of Curdle Hill. We’ll be adding more in the near future.

Swiping down from the home screen will take you to Adventure mode. This choose-your-own adventure is coming soon and will let you explore Curdle Hill, earn Shards and achievements, and the decisions you make will influence your Achrometer. We’re working on the finishing touches now and hope to release the Curse of Curdle Hill Adventure later this month.


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