How to play achroma.jpeg
How to play achroma.jpeg

The latest Achroma gameplay rules update is here. As of today (24/01/23), we’ll all be playing an improved version of the game – saying goodbye to the Attack and Deploy steps and saying hello to improved PROTECTION and POISONOUS. After our recent preview of the update, we know some of the Achroma community have been playing with those changes. Feedback has been really positive which is awesome to see.

We hope it improves gameplay, makes Achroma even easier to learn, and adds further tactical flexibility.

The How to Play Achroma page has received an update and a new tutorial video is just below. The Achroma app will also benefit from an updated Turn Summary in a forthcoming update.

Let us know if you have any questions, either in the comments below, on our socials, in the Discord or via email.


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