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Welcome Realm Runners, to the Chapter 1 card update! In this article I will take you through all the card changes, why are they happening and why we changed what we did. Let’s start by answering a question a lot you may be wondering…


Firstly, with Achroma being a relatively new card game and one which is growing fast, we are getting lots of feedback from our community who are playing our game daily. We really value this feedback, and want to make sure that we listen and learn from it.

Secondly, following the Kickstarter finishing, we are about to start printing what we call ‘Unlimited Edition’ prints of our Chapter 1 Chronicles. Therefore we have an opportunity to make changes and ‘evolve’ these original cards for the better based on feedback from the community, as well as our own play testing.

It also allows us to fix a few cheeky wording mistakes that snuck their way past our Ludlam City Guard for the original prints!


If you already own any of the 'First Edition’ prints of the Chapter 1 Chronicles, this does mean that your cards may now have changed. However these cards are still fine to play with and will be legal at all future official events.

What it does mean though however, is you should be playing the cards using their updated wording. In a few days time the updated versions of all the cards will be on our Card Database, and in a future update of our companion app you will be able to click on a card in the app to see the new wording and description of any changes.

We respect that there will be many players around the world who do not see this update and may continue playing the cards as the old versions, this is fine! Play the game however you wish. However any future tournaments/official events will use the updated cards, so we recommend you use them.

When you acquire any Chapter 1 ‘Unlimited Edition’ cards, these will come printed with the changes in this article.


I can summarise the changes into 7 categories:

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The following cards have had an Ability update:

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We have reworded a lot of abilities without changing how they work. The aim of this is to reduce the grey areas in how the abilities work, which will make the game easier to learn and with less questions needing to be asked regarding how some cards work. I won’t list every single card change here. But I will summarise the most common changes made:

Vast volitarus and chroma storehouse.jpeg


We have ‘upgraded’ some cards to Heroic status. This doesn’t change their gameplay at all, but it does mean that you cannot have 2 copies of these cards on your Canvas at the same time. The cards that have had this update are:

Norso Totem.jpeg


We noticed that with each new release, the order in which the coloured shards were placed in the centre hex were not consistent. So whilst we have a chance to update the cards, we have changed all cards to be consistent with Darnacusk who uses the order: Red, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Blue.

We have not changed any card’s shard count or colours. The only change is the order in which the colours appear.

Chief detective cronas colour change.jpeg


Something we noticed had happened across multiple releases is that we started using different ways to show a Resolve effect for a card that gains/drains/steals based on the number of another type of card on the canvas.

So moving forward, we have changed all cards to follow the same rule as Spiral. Where possible, all Characters/Locations/Objects with a Resolve effect that stacks equally (E.g. +2 for every Character including themselves) will have changed to the [X] and [X =] rule.

Some Characters have a natural Resolve effect which is a higher value than their Resolve ability, (E.g. Huxon who is +2 in the top right, but +1 for each other Character and Location) for cards like these, they remain unchanged as the [X] and [X =] rule would not work for them.

Blackout and toadstool cannon.jpeg


In Achroma, Characters and Locations always had a ‘Subtype’. This helped categorise different Characters and Locations into smaller groups for both lore purposes, as well as certain gameplay mechanics (E.g. FIND a Magus Elite).

In the First Edition cards, we did not have subtypes for Objects of Power, or Actions. Moving forward we have decided to add subtypes for Objects (E.g. Weapon, Artefact or Tool) and Actions (E.g. Spell, Ritual or Event). This is for 3 reasons:

1) New Mechanics that are coming in future releases (E.g. Find a Spell)

2) Mechanics in the Achroma Role Playing Game (E.g. Crafting a Weapon)

3) Lore

This does not change the gameplay for any of the current Objects or Actions. But means they are now ready for some of the new wordings in future releases.


It’s never a good thing to admit, but we did have some spelling and grammar mistakes in our original cards. I won’t list the cards that had these, but rest assured we have fixed them all now.


Now these changes have been made, you should start playing games of Achroma using the new wording. In a few days time you’ll be able to check out any individual card on our Card Database.

If you have purchased any ‘Unlimited Edition’ prints of the Chapter 1 cards. These will have all of the changes on them ready to play.

Prefer a verbal explanation? Watch the below live stream replay from [15:48] to see me explain verbally what has changed on a recent livestream.


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