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It’s Friday, and that means another new Achroma short story! Not only is this story a bit longer than the other shorts we’ve released, but it has some pretty big Achroma lore reveals.

This story follows Dexter, Master of Dragons as he adventures in Draco Planum, trying to get back home. You can read the story here: Dexter Returns.

About Dexter; On the 27th July 2022, Realm Runner Studios founders Jack and Rachel Constantine lost their seven year old son, Dexter, to the childhood cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma. In memory of brave Dexter, we’ve immortalised him as a heroic character in Achroma.

Please consider making a donation to Dexter’s Arc – a fundraising platform created with the support of registered charity Alice’s Arc. Funds raised through Dexter’s Arc will go towards non-animal testing research into rhabdomyosarcoma.


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