Norso Winter Sale

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Norso Winter settles upon us!

As the days grow shorter and colder and the freezing touch of winter surrounds us, Norso realm braces itself for the harsh conditions.

Prepare for the new season of Achroma with the new promo card - Norso Winter, a great addition to the realm of Norso providing a deadly blow at very little cost. With supplies running low in the cold months, any little helps to survive. With a Shard Value of 2, this cost-efficient Action card provides a handy ±2 to provide neutral gain and set your opponent back that little bit. When conditions are severe, even the smallest setbacks can be the difference between life and death.

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Celebrate the new season with a start of season sale! Site-wide discounts settle like snow in the 5 realms:

*Discounts will not apply to mystery bags, booster packs or pre-orders*

Of course a new season also means a new Achrometer. Once again you must choose a side to fight for, the question is who...

You can enjoy these exciting discounts starting today until 23:59 on Monday 22nd January. Simply use the above codes at checkout on selected products. Enjoy the new season of Achroma!


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