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Get a limited edition Salum Spring promo card with Achroma orders and purchases over £20, while stocks last*

Get your hands on this beautiful limited edition (1200 copies) promotional card ready to put into your palettes to play your games of Achroma. With a cost of 2 shards, this Action card allows you to immediately steal 2 from another player. This could be the winds of change needed to take that Achroma win.

Being from Salum Planum, to use this card in Achroma, you will need to place it in a palette with other Salum cards. This will include our next release ‘The Conjuring at Curdle Cove’, but also includes the Chapter 1 Chronicle for Salum Planum, ‘Curse of Curdle Hill’.

You can pre-order a Curse of Curdle hill Achroma palette here, and get your free Salum Spring promo card shipped along with it. Or complete any of your other collections, because every order over £20 counts!

This offer will last until the end of this season, the 30th of June.

*Available online, in-store and participating stockists between 27th April - 30th June

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