Curdle hill collector's editions.jpeg
Curdle hill collector's editions.jpeg

Ready to pledge your allegiance to The Occultist Alliance? Want to deploy all the Magus Elite have to offer? Or do you just really want some sweet Von Ruthro Society merch? Check out The Curse of Curdle Hill Collector’s Editions!

These sets are the result of demand at MCM Comic Con London 2021. Some Achroma fans were ready to go all-in with a single faction and/or wanted that stunning Achroma artwork on more than their trading cards.

Jam-packed with an abundance of goodies, there’s a Collector’s Edition for each of the three factions in The Curse of Curdle Hill – The Magus Elite, The Occultist Alliance and the Von Ruthro Society. The Curse of Curdle Hill Collector’s Editions are the only way to guarantee which palettes you receive inside your Achroma: The Curse of Curdle Hill box. These are available as a limited run of just 50 for each faction, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Curse of Curdle Hill Collector’s Editions are available to buy now at and any events we attend, while stocks last.


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