Lacringi card hand.jpeg
Lacringi card hand.jpeg

With the big news of Chapter 1 card updates, we have been working hard to listen to community and make our game as clear as possible to both existing and new players alike.

We have a fantastic community on Discord. Our Discord is home to a Rules Questions channel where members can ask questions regarding certain cards and keywords. We have been watching this channel carefully (as well as feedback from other socials) and making note of any ‘grey’ areas in game rules that crop up, with the aim to resolve them.

The grey areas that were card specific have been cleared up with the updated wordings on our Unlimited Edition cards (reprinted cards post-First Edition), as detailed in our previous article, Chapter 1 Card Updates. However, we were aware that some of the rules answers and clarifications in our Discord had not yet been featured on the How to Play Achroma page on our website.

Those updates have now been made. What we want to make clear is that no rules or keywords have been changed, only re-worded or clarified to clear up any “what if?” scenarios. There have also been some new keywords and glossary entries made to give clarity where it wasn’t before, or support new cards.

Although nothing has actually changed gameplay wise, I have no doubt most of you reading would like to know the main areas that were updated. To save you re-reading the whole rules page. I will summarise below:

There will be a new keyword of DISPOSE added to the rules page in the next few weeks, in time for the release of the Rise of the Realm Runners expansion.

If you have any questions, or feel there is something we missed, please leave a comment or DM myself (Viridian) in the Community Discord.


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