Achroma Keywords

CLAIM | Take target card from another player’s Canvas and place on your Canvas under your control. If the CLAIM effect gets removed, the card returns to it’s original owner’s Canvas.

CURSE | Choose a card on any Canvas to CURSE, turn it sideways. It is now Cursed.

DEFEND | When another Character on your Canvas is targeted for an attack, a Character with DEFEND can intercept the attack, replacing them as the target.

DIG | Search your Dregs for a specific card and put it into your hand.

DISPOSE | Erase the card with the word DISPOSE. Once Erased, action the ability on the card. If this is during your turn, you may do this at anytime.
During an opponents turn, each time they declare they are deploying a card, using an ability (from a card on their Canvas) or declaring an attack, you may use DISPOSE once as Reaction. Once you have declared you're using your DISPOSE, the DISPOSE effect happens first, then the original deployment, ability or Attack (If it can still happen). When choosing to React in a multiplayer game, declare and resolve each use of DISPOSE in turn order, ending with the original player's deploy, ability or Attack. (If it can still happen). The original player cannot re-react to their own card being reacted to.
If by using DISPOSE as a Reaction, a new card would be deployed (E.g. Alchemists Tincture), the new card only gets played after all other deployments, abilities and attacks have concluded.

DIVERT | Once per turn, when any Action or ability targets a card on your Canvas, as a Reaction it can be Diverted to this card provided this card is a legal target

FIND | Search your Palette for a specific card and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your Palette.

FREEZE | Choose a card to become FROZEN. A FROZEN card cannot GAIN, DRAIN, STEAL or PREVENT until unfrozen. Cards unfreeze at the end of their controller’s turn.

HUNT | Once per turn you may choose a Character on another player’s Canvas to HUNT. If both the target Character and card that initiated the HUNT are both still on the same Canvases at the start of your next turn, resolve the HUNT effect.

INFEST | When you play a Character with INFEST, you may choose to either pay the full Shard Value to play it as a Character on your own Canvas, or only pay 1 Shard to INFEST another Character on any Canvas; attaching the INFEST Character to another Character. While attached the INFEST card does not take part in combat.

An INFESTED card loses all resolve and its ability is replaced with the INFEST ability from the INFEST Character.

Cards with INFEST may only INFEST other Characters.

When an INFESTED Character is Erased, the attached INFEST Character is Erased too, even if it has PROTECTION or cannot otherwise be Erased.

INFEST abilities are only used by the INFESTED card.

You may not attach Objects to INFESTING cards.

MENAGERIE | If you have 3 or more Character Types present on your Canvas at the same time, you are able to use MENAGERIE abilities once at any point during turn. The MENAGERIE effect on cards with 'ACTION: MENAGERIE:' may only trigger once as soon as the card is Deployed.

MOUNT | During your Main step, you may attach this Character to an unmounted Dragon or Drake on your Canvas. When attacking and defending, the rider and mount combine Strength and Shards and act as one Character card.

REVEAL | Turn over the top card(s) of your Palette one at a time, face up. Once you have revealed a card that meets the criteria specified by the ability/action, put that card into your hand. Put the overturned cards back into your Palette and shuffle.

POISONOUS | Erases any card on a Canvas it deals any damage to. POISONOUS ignores PROTECTION.

PREVENT X | Where X is the number of Shards in the owner's Bank that are immune to Drain and Steal effects once per player turn.

PROTECTION | A Card with PROTECTION cannot be Erased or Drained of any Shards by another player. This includes by Actions, Abilities and during Attacks, unless the opponent has POISONOUS (see above).

If however, you are forced to choose a card to Erase, or play an ability that Erases cards including your own, PROTECTION will not protect the card.

RAGE | This Character can attack one additional time each turn. You must complete your first attack before you can attack again with any RAGE.

RESEARCH X | Look at the top X cards of your Palette. You may pay 1 Shard per card to put it in your hand. Put any cards you don’t pay for facedown on top of your Palette in any order.

RESTRAIN | Place target card under this card. Target card can’t be used, resolved, effected, or counted for in anyway by other actions whilst Restrained. If the Restraining card is Erased, the Restrained card is returned to it's owner's Canvas.

SACRIFICE | Erase a card from your Canvas.

SECRET | Without looking at it, hide a card from the top of any palette underneath this card. This card is now the Keeper of that card. Immediately at the start of your turn, you may erase the Keeper, flip the hidden card(s) and deploy them for free in any order.

SHIELD WALL X | Characters on your Canvas get X additional Strength when defending.

SPLAT X | You may give another card on any Canvas [+X] until your next turn. Once resolved, the SPLAT is removed. (Watch the video.)

SQUISH X | You may give another card on any Canvas [–X] until your next turn. Once resolved, the SQUISH is removed. (Watch the video.)

TRADE | Discard a card from your hand and Gain Shards equal to the card’s Shard Value.


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