Achroma: The Secrets of Spirata - First Edition Collection

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Start or continue your adventures in the Five Realms with Achroma: The Secrets of Spirata. Available for the first time in a limited First Edition release of single boxes (each containing two Palettes) and First Edition Collections (each containing six Palettes).

The war in Spirata has taken a turn as the Fairies continue to push back against the Pixies. With both sides scrambling for a way to win, new experiments are wielding unusual results. Unlock the secrets of Spirata with the all-new First Edition Collection.

This collection will get you three First Edition boxes in a stunning slipcase, containing all six pre-constructed Palettes from The Secrets of Spirata:

• The Genesis of Creation – Coffey, Lab Assistant
The Genesis of Creation – Nella, The First Cured
• The Mechanical Revolution – Sorrono, The First Mechanical Pixie
• The Mechanical Revolution – Morag
• The Forgotten – The Fallen
• The Forgotten – Spirata Scrapyard

This collection also contains a limited edition The Secrets of Spirata promo card.

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