Achroma Deluxe Realm Box

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The Curse of Curdle HillThe Siege of Draco TempleThe Fall of FlutterbyThe Warriors of Wishwell

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Dive into a complete collection for one of the four Chapter 1 Chronicles. Each Deluxe Realm Box is a treasure trove of Achroma goodness and everything you, or your gaming group, needs to roleplay and Palette-build.

222 Achroma Cards
Every Achroma card available for the chronicle selected. Includes three Palettes and two Rise of the Realm Runners Expansions.

Realm Runner’s Guide
Immerse yourself in The Five Realms with 136 pages of rich lore, stunning artwork, card libraries and captivating short stories.

Achroma Legends Unlock Code
A suite of premium digital content for roleplaying in The Five Realms.

Premium Playmat specific to selected chronicle
Evolve your Canvas with this Premium playmat by Vault X.

HAIM Shard Cache Card
Stock up with 500 Shards for your Achroma account.

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