RPG - Introduction to Spirata


Welcome to Spirata!

Spirata Planum, the realm from which the Fairy Painters that brought the colour and magic of Chroma to the Five Realms originate from. However these painters are now unable to spread the Chroma to the other realms, as they fight a desperate battle for their home realm against the Achrom infected Pixies - once Fairies themselves, Pixies have lost their wings and turned to Craven Traitorious for leadership in these dark times.


Craven Traitorious has declared himself king of Spirata Planum. His Fallen Stone Pixies have tied down Flutterby Falls School for the Gifted as his factories pump dark clouds into the skies and ship Achrom through the realm portals that once transported Chroma.
The skies here are no longer full of Fairy Painters fired from toadstool cannons, spreading Chroma across the realms. More Fairies go missing every day, and yet the number of Pixies continues to grow.

The Flutterby Falls Faculty and a single squad of Fairy Painters are hiding out nearby in Cogs Village. Dr Cornelius Hue – custodian of Chroma – is troubled by the actions of Craven, his former friend and partner. Dr Hue, Sprat Marail and Copper Joss hatch a plan to claim back Flutterby Falls School and find their missing friends.

Running an Adventure in Spirata

The following are some of the core things that you need to know in order to successfully run an Adventure in the Realm of Spirata.


Fairies and Pixies are 15cm tall and everything around them in Spirata is sized in relation to this, including both artificial and natural things, this includes buildings, trees, hills etc.

In addition to the occupants of Spirata, any creature that enters Spirata through Realm Portals or by using a Realm Relic is immediately shrunken to the relative size of the Fairies and Pixies that inhabit Spirata.


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