Chief Detective Cronas

Cronas Small.png

Head of the Magus Elite, she's a powerful witch who seeks to restore chromatic balance and justice in bleak times.

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Heroic NPC: Chief Detective Cronas

Stat Block:

Health: 540

Shards: Magenta, Magenta, Green, Green, Yellow and Yellow


Force: 2
Judgement: 2
Radiance: 12
Growth: 2
Resilience: 7
Innovation: 12
Corruption: 2


Passive: While Chief Detective Cronas is in the encounter all Magus Elite have an additional 2 in their resolve including herself
Active: Chief Detective Cronas may restrain a character until her next turn


1x Detective Vraxea
1x Detective Huxon
1x Hexclunker
1x Magus Elite Investigation
2x Preperation
2x Magus Elite Enforcer
2x Magus Elite Protector
1x Cronas' Staff
1x Muon Trap
2x Restock
2x Chromatic Flare

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