Detective Huxon

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Luscious Huxon is second in command, he's incredibly strong and vigilant, always on the right side of the law.

Huxon is Cronas' right hand man. He uses Flora magic to strengthen the squad. Driven and determined, he works to keep his family safe.

Biographical Overview:

  • Appearance: Detective Huxon is described with black hair and often sports an impassive facial expression. However, there's a twinkle in his eyes, indicating a subtle enthusiasm for his investigative tasks. He has tattooed hands and wears a Chroma Ore cuirass which glows.
  • Occupation: Detective and investigator. His expertise includes studying environments, noting minute details, and investigating magical phenomena.
  • Known Tools: Huxon carries a staff, and he's in possession of a supply crate containing various tools, including a small triangular metal prism, vital for detecting magic. This prism can hum and emit louder sounds when in the proximity of magical activity.

Character Profile:

  1. Skills and Abilities: Huxon possesses keen observational skills, which he puts to use especially when studying his surroundings or assessing anomalies. He's an expert at covert operations, able to remain hidden and unseen even in challenging situations. Huxon also has the ability to adapt to different lighting conditions swiftly.
  2. Temperament: Calm and methodical, Huxon approaches situations with patience, taking time to adjust and gather information. His demeanor remains steady even in potentially dangerous situations, and he exhibits significant restraint, evident when he hides and avoids drawing attention even when his tools give away their presence.

Notable Investigations:

  • Curdle Mine Mystery: Huxon investigated the Curdle Mine, an intriguing site with undisturbed entrances and remnants of Chroma Ore. Here, he encountered magical anomalies, including the appearance of cloaked figures with specific symbols on their cowls. A significant discovery was a mysterious shaft revealed by the fading glamour, into which he ventured.


  • Huxon's Chroma Ore cuirass shares a connection with the Curdle Mine, which is rich with Chroma Ore deposits. The ore in its raw form emits a multicolored light, creating a captivating spectacle.
  • When in deep thought or concentration, Huxon has a habit of bringing a thoughtful finger to his lips.
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