Detective Vraxea

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Vraxea is strong-willed and a talented Magus Elite healer. Brave and ready for any challenge she's a good team player.

The squad healer and maternal figure. Vraxea’s gentle demeanour gives way to a fiery protectiveness when her friends are threatened.

Heroic NPC: Jarvis Tremma

Stat Block:

Health: 240

Shards: Magenta, Yellow, Yellow and Yellow


Force: 2
Judgement: 2
Radiance: 9
Growth: 10
Resilience: 6
Innovation: 2
Corruption: 2


Passive: Vraxea may roll radiance when a minor magus elite in an encounter with her is erased, to succeed you must roll successes equal to double the number of shards the card has. If she succeeds the Minor NPC is brought back into the encounter at full health
Active: Vraxea gains a free success on her next passive roll


1x Magus Elite Investigation
2x Muon Trap
1x Magus Elite Staff
2x Chromatic Flare
2x Restock
2x Preparation
2x Magus Elite Detective
2x Fireball
2x Magus Elite Agent


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