The Lacringi sheild maidens

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Powerful female members of the Lacringi tribe who watch and protect the tribe. Gentle by nature but fierce warriors when threatened.

The Lacringi Shield Maidens are the watchers and defenders of the tribe. They stand guard against threats and rush to formation when the raid alarm
is sounded.

These dedicated Hulder Trolls have taken oaths and would lay down their lives for those they have sworn to protect.

Under the command of SSiv, they train tirelessly, wield weapons crafted by their own hands and reinforce their tails with shards of Orium, making them deadly adversaries.

The Lacringi gardens entice giant centipedes – the tribe’s most regular unwanted visitor next to the Brisgavi.

The Shield Maidens ensure the Brisgavi and any wandering creatures stay outside of village boundaries.

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