Dark witch, powerful and ruthless she will stop at nothing to impress and achieve her goals and desires of the Occultist Alliance

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Heroic NPC: Conjurer Otrix

Stat Block:

Health: 450

Shards: Achrom, Achrom, Achrom, Achrom and Achrom


Force: 2
Judgement: 12
Radiance: 2
Growth: 2
Resilience: 4
Innovation: 2
Corruption: 12


Passive: Conjurer Otrix may claim a character at the start of the encounter
Active: Otrix deals 15 damage to a target of her choice, If they have been claimed at any point in the encounter it is doubled


1x Sorcerer Pifarious
1x Occultist Den
1x Selective Diminish
1x Murky Manor
2x Hostile Takeover
2x Otrix's Conjuring
2x Occultist Warlock
1x Otrix Doll of Pins
1x Occultist Stang
2x Achrom Surge
2x Achrom Blast

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