Samr Trolls


Raiders, these Samr trolls make the Brigavi tribe up. Large angular, they are made up of corrupted stone and crystal, after bathing and living with achrom.

The vast, barren valley of Wishwell Quarry is home to two tribes of trolls; Samr trolls of the Brisgavi Tribe in the north and Hulder trolls of the Lacringi Tribe in the south. The two tribes’ history mostly speaks of peace, or at least indifference. Lately though, the Brisgavi Tribe grow restless with their lot, frequently raiding their neighbours.

The Brisgavi hunt in and around Wishwell Lake. Their prowess with a spear is second to none, their hunters often besting the mightiest of creatures. For the Brisgavi, their strength and aggression are their most significantassets. Ever since Wishwell Lake started to run black with Achrom, they’ve felt stronger and angrier than ever.

Led by their Chieftain, Snorre, the Brisgavi have realised they deserve more than they currently possess. After all, it’s the Brisgavi who keep the local population of giant centipedes down, it’s the Brisgavi who battle cave spiders and provide so much of the food at Norso Market.

Snorre wants more than Wishwell Lake. With a tribe of berserkers, raiders, hunters and thralls at his back, he’ll get it.


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