Sorcerer Pifarius

The Curse of Curdle Hill - Unlimited Cards (1)16.png

A senior figure within The Curdle Hill Occultist Alliance. Pifarius is wanted by the Magus Elite for many crimes.

Heroic NPC: Sorcerer Pifarious

Stat Block:

Health: 180

Shards: Achrom, Achrom and Achrom


Force: 2
Judgement: 2
Radiance: 2
Growth: 2
Resilience: 7
Innovation: 2
Corruption: 12


Passive: Sorcerer Pifarious deals 1 additional damage from all sources for each Occultist in the encounter
Active: Sorcerer Pifarious deals 5 damage to a target for each Occultist in the encounter


1x Selective Dminish
1x Occultist Den
2x Hostile Takeover
2x Occultist Warlock
2x Occultist Shaman
2x Prism Sapper
2x Occultist Influence
2x Corrupted Muon Traps
2x Achrom Blast


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