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A mysterious, dark-cloaked figure that rules the Achrom factory, silent but deadly.

Sorrono is totally loyal to King Craven’s cause. He’s as powerful as he is mysterious, and is always watching. Always observing.

Nobody knows who Sorrono was before he became a Pixie. His allies suspect the shrouds of secrecy around his past hide something truly terrible. Whatever it was has empowered Sorrono rather than weakened him. It bred a quiet resentment within him and resulted in a self-destructive streak that made Sorrono a terrible adversary.

Sorrono is always welcome to be included in the traitorious family, living in the factory, being given a home, and is provided with a job as he doesn't have family, he doesn't know how he because. He uses fear to control the pixies who work for Craven but deep down he's very soft-hearted underneath his frightening appearance. He has one person he dreams of as a friend Morag, a pixie engineer and inventor for Craven's cause.


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