The Five Realms

Across the universe of Achroma there are 5 Realms:

Spirata Planum, the smallest of the realms, where Fairies take flight and paint the other realms with Chroma.

Salum Planum, the witching realm, where magic, sorcery and spellcasting is part of everyday life.

Norso Planum, an underealm where shards of light jut through the cracks in the ceiling of ore and rock like stars in the night sky. This realm isn't lavish, but it's what Trolls call home.

Draco Planum, a shattered realm of floating islands, some as large as continents, is ruled by the dynasties of proud Dragons and bitter Drakes.

Terra Planum, this is our universe as we know it. Where Humans go about their daily lives, unaware that other realms exist in parallel to their own. The existence of Chroma and Achrom is unknown to most of the inhabitants of Terra Planum.

There was a time when the Five Realms were openly connected and people and creatures were free to travel between them. This golden age ended when the humans of Terra Planum eventually drove everyone and everything away. Only the Fairies continued to journey to all realms so they could continue to spread Chroma.

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