Achrom Balenium

The Achrom Balenium is a secluded bathhouse located high in the Achrom Havens and is home to Tenebris, King of the drakes. It is a site of heavy Achrom concentration containing a huge, deep pool of pure Achrom where Tenebris restores his power. Tenebris spends most of his time rejuvenating in the Achrom pool whilst devising his plan to take over Draco Planum and erase the Dragons for good. Drakes use it to bring out the best of their fighting ability and provide them with an edge over the naturally stronger Dragons.

No one knows how the Achrom Balenium came into creation. Some say the monks built it many years before their alliance with the Dragons began. Others say it is a structure from a distant realm, not belonging to Draco Planum. Nonetheless the huge intricate architecture must have required a master craftsman to build it. Over the many centuries of its existence it has been weathered and battered during ancient battles. It is a staple of the drake region and serves as a reminder of their alignment with Achrom.

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