Curdle Village

curdle hill DR2.jpg

Shrouded by Curdle Woods, the once bustling Curdle Village is becoming a dark and eerie place. The supernatural cloud hanging overhead has caused all manner of strange happenings in the near-deserted streets.

Due to the Achrom cloud above, Chroma is almost completely absent here. Villagers fear for their lives as they witness their friends and relatives succumb to a spreading sickness, a warped mind... or both.

The High Witches and Wizards of Ludlam have dispatched a trusted squad of the Magus Elite to Curdle Village. Led by the famous Chief Detective Cronas, they hope to uncover what is causing this dark, ominous cloud of Achrom. Cronas has brought with her a full squad of Magus Elite Detectives, Agents, Enforcers, Defenders and Protectors to scour the area for any trace of evidence.

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