Draco Defenders

Achroma - The Siege of Draco Temple - Cards PRINT4.png

A collection of Dragons that fight for chroma together.

Outnumbered and surrounded, these brave Dragons are all that stand in the way of the Drakes total domination of Arcus Via. What some Dragons lack in size and strength, they make up for in heart and determination. Darnacusk, one of the two remaining Elder Dragons, leads the Dragons in the fight against the Drakes. He knows all too well the future depends on the younger generation. Darnacusk mentors and trains Tengri to be the leader they’ll so desperately need when he’s gone. From Draco Temple, the Dragons raid Drake outposts and make covert supply runs, taking Chroma where it’s needed most. The Drakes’ ever expanding territories and dominance of the skies makes any journey perilous, so the Dragons need to be fast and clever. Pockets of rebels and jaded survivors exist out there in Arcus Via. Darnacusk just needs a way of contacting and uniting them. Only together can they turn the tide. It’ll all be for nothing though if the Dragons can’t get hold of more Chroma very soon. Without it, they’ll turn to stone as they expend the last of their energy.

Dragon scales are incredibly tough and resilient. They can protect a dragon from even the most deadly force or environment.

Dragons fight with their teeth, claws and tails, along with their abilities such as a fiery or icy breath.

The colour of a dragon’s scales, spines and fur can be a good indicator as to their powers, and sometimes their personality.

Despite their differing appearances, all dragons have the ability to fly. Whether this is by beating leathery wings, or weaving through the air like a serpent.

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