Murky Manor


Once the regal home of the Curdle family, it’s now shrouded in gloom and full of cobwebs occupied by Issadora Curdle and the Occultist Alliance.

This building was once the regal home of the Curdle family, where Horus and his wife Prunella lived with their daughters Issadora and Cara. In its prime, it was a bright and airy place and the site of many happy times. When Horus and Prunella passed, the family estate was left to Cara and Issadora.

After Cara left home to travel the realms, Issadora was accepted into The Occultists and her life became consumed with bitterness towards her sister. Issadora’s mind became dark and rotten and so too did the house in which she lived. With the family wealth drying up, the once proud home fell to ruins.

This is no longer a beloved family home. There is no warmth here. This is a cold and isolated place, shrouded in gloom, full of rising damp, cobwebs and nesting bats. A place where children dare each other in games of knock-knock-run. A place where Countess Issadora Curdle plots and schemes.

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