Realm relics


There are objects of power scattered all across the Five Realms.

Their origins as unique as they are. The most powerful of all are the Realm Relics.

These coveted items can take many forms, from spears and necklaces to gems and rings. Many significant objects from history or spoken of in myths were in fact Realm Relics. They hold far more power than anyone would believe. These items have helped shape history and continue to do so even now.

Each Realm Relic possesses unique powers and allows
its bearer to move between realms. Individuals and groups have spent their lives seeking a particular Relic. The thing with Realm Relics is they seem to find their way to someone all on their own.

A Realm Relic chooses its bearer, transporting them to an unknown realm. It’s here that a new Realm Runner is born and they begin their epic journey.

Realm Runners are heroic individuals in possession of a Realm Relic. For many, Realm Runners exist only in myth and are revered as champions whose actions can impact The Five Realms.

There is perhaps some cosmic fate at play when it comes to finding a Realm Relic (or perhaps it’s the Relic that finds its Realm Runner) as many Realm Runners appear when they’re needed most, despite them being unaware they were ‘summoned’.

Realm Runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages. While some Realm Runners fight the good fight, others have more nefarious intentions or are just out for themselves, the newest realm runner being Dexter the master of dragons.


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