Realm runners

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Special individuals, usually children from all walks of life are chosen and called by the realms. When the realms are in danger and in need of a pure-hearted warrior on their side.

The Five Realms are in peril. Achrom is spreading, corrupting and destroying. With conflict increasing and the situation ever dire, the realms have summoned mythical Realm Runners once more.

Four children, pure of heart, facing their own challenges in Terra Planum, each stumbles across an ancient Realm Relic. Contact with these powerful objects transports them to another realm to help where they’re needed most.

But there must always be balance. Rifts have started to appear across the realms. These man-made fractures are destabilizing the fabric of the Five Realms. Amongst this chaos, four mysterious characters appear, and their intentions may not be honourable.


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