Wishwell Quarry

The area in Norso is home to the Lacringi trolls and neighbouring tribes.

Life is tough and resources scarce in the underealm. A ceiling of rock replaces the sky. Giant creatures lurk in the icy caves and underseas below.

In Wishwell Quarry; long-tailed Hulder Trolls of the Lacringi tribe scale the rock faces to mine orium from the underealm ceiling. Meanwhile, larger Samr Trolls of the Brisgavi tribe hunt in and around Wishwell Lake.

Ever since the waterfall that cascades into the lake started to run black, the Brisgavi have become more aggressive than usual and raid their neighbours, the Lacringi. Tribal tensions complicate an already hard life when both tribes must share a stall in Norso Market if they are to survive.

As the two tribes battle, bicker and call on their deities for help, they risk angering the god of all trolls – the mighty Torstein.

Realm Runners Studio