What is Achroma?

Achroma is a beautifully illustrated fantasy universe that can be explored by playing the Achroma card game, Achroma Adventure and the tabletop role playing game, Achroma Legends.

Across the Five Realms, the ravages of a dark energy called Achrom is spreading, diminishing the magical life force called Chroma. You, a Realm Runner traversing the Realms must choose a side and fight.

Achroma cards can be used across all of the Achroma games to gain, drain and steal Chroma shards from other players and NPCs to make your mark in the evolving universe, shaping it forever.

Download and use the Achroma apps designed for each Achroma game to assist and enhance your experience at the game table. Add your card collection digitally to your profile to unlock rewards, avatars and start your journey to help shape the future of the Five Realms.

Achroma Cards


Achroma cards depict Characters, Locations, Actions and Objects from the Five Realms, each with their own in-game strengths and abilities.

There are currently 500+ Achroma cards to collect, with a new release every 3 months. Each Achroma release contains 60 unique and collectible cards in 4 rarities: Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and Common.

These cards are used in the Achroma card game as well as Achroma Legends, the tabletop role playing game, or just to collect and trade.

Achroma cards feature Metacodes that allow you to register them to your Achroma account via the free Achroma companion app (available on iOS and Android). Each Common and Uncommon design has a code per design. Each Legendary and Rare printed card has a unique code per print, making each and every one unique.


Achroma Releases

Each Achroma release is focused around a narrative setting called a Chronicle. Each Chronicle takes place in an area of the Five Realms and is accompanied by new set of Achroma cards, keywords, lore, short stories, app updates and so much more.

In the Achroma universe, Chronicles take place within a timeframe. We call these Chapters.

Chapter 1 contains our first four Chronicles. Read more about them below.



In the wizarding realm of Salum Planum, a sinister Achrom cloud hangs over the village of Curdle causing all kinds of trouble. The Magus Elite have been dispatched from Ludlam city to investigate.

The Curse of Curdle Hill adds 60 Achroma cards and introduces three factions; The Magus Elite, The Occultist Alliance and The Von Ruthro Society.



Take to the skies in the dragon realm of Draco Planum. Tenebris and his drakes have the last dragon temple in Arcus Via besieged while Darnacusk leads a brave resistance.

The Siege of Draco Temple adds 60 Achroma cards and introduces three factions; The Draco Defenders; The Stone Waste Drakes and The Denizens of Arcus Via.



Craven Traitorius has declared himself king of Spirata Planum. It’s up to an ace squad of airborne Fairy Painters and the Flutterby Falls School Faculty to take back their home and find their missing friends.

The Fall of Flutterby adds 60 Achroma cards and introduces three factions; Chroma Squadron; Flutterby Faculty and the Fallen Stone Pixies.



In the underealm of Norso Planum, two tribes of trolls clash in Wishwell Quarry. These tensions complicate an already-hard life when both must share a stall in Norso Market if they are to survive.

The Warriors of Wishwell adds 60 Achroma cards and introduces three factions; the Lacringi Shield Maidens; the Brisgavi Raiders and the Norso Market Traders.

Chapter 2 contains our most recent Chronicles. Read more about them below.

Curdle Cove Image


In the wizarding realm of Salum Planum, the fight is far from over. Achrom's corruption is spreading, reaching even the most rural places. In Curdle Cove, the once-gentle tides are turning.

A Conjuring at Curdle Cove adds 60 Achroma cards and introduces three factions; The Freefolk of Luxmorn, the Moonveil Sirens and the Veil Chaser Voyagers.

Last Snow Dragons of Altari Poster

The Last Snow Dragons of Altari

The ice plains of Altari are melting as veins of hot Achrom spread through the enormous floating islands. Peace is in jeopardy after the fall of Draco Temple brings the fight to this once tranquil place.

The Last Snow Dragons of Altari adds 60 Achroma cards and introduces three factions; The Snivari Tribe, the Uprising of Tumultus and the Creatures of Altari.

Spirata Chapter 2.png

Spirata Planum - Chapter 2

Coming Winter 2023

Norso Chapter 2.png

Norso Planum - Chapter 2

Coming Spring 2024


Achroma is not just one game and we at Realm Runner Studios are always looking to release more immersive and creative games as we evolve.

The beauty of this for players is that the cards in your collection act as a single resource to be used across these games and formats. Your cards will remain important and of use in all future games.

One collection, many ways to play.

Whether you prefer card games, tabletop RPGs or the classic 'choose your own path' adventure games, there will be ways for you to have fun and immerse yourself in the Achroma universe.

Learn more about the different ways to play Achroma below.


Easy to learn, fun to master, this 2-6 player format allows you to play Achroma cards to battle your opponents across the Five Realms.

Each player needs a deck of 30 Achroma cards (40 for Heroes format) called a Palette. Use a pre-constructed Palette straight from an Achroma Palette box, or create your own from your Achroma card collection.

During a game of Achroma, you'll spend Shards – your life energy – to deploy and attack with heroic Characters, equip them with Objects, harness Locations and unleash cunning Actions. Doing so will enable you to Gain, Drain and Steal Shards in return. To win, gather 30 Shards in your Bank or reduce other players' Banks to 0.

Gameplay rules are free and available online now. You can also watch our tutorial videos and get at-the-table-assistance from the free Achroma app on iOS and Android.

Achroma Photoshoot-34.jpg


Gather your friends, create your characters and enter the world of Achroma through the storytelling of the Realm Master in this tabletop roleplaying game.

Unlike other TTRPGs, in Achroma not all of the game needs your imagination. Use your collection of Achroma cards as your way to interact with the world.

Play supporting Characters, enter epic Locations, equip powerful Objects and cast groundbreaking Actions to progress past challenges and foes that will cross your path as you traverse the adventure set before you by the Realm Master.

Never far from the information you need. Once you have purchased and scanned your Achroma Legends unlock code, you'll have full access to the Achroma Legends Wiki which contains everything you need to play the game right at your fingertips with our revolutionary Achroma Legends Companion App.

The Achroma App


Achroma is supported by a free, regularly updated app, available now on Android and iOS.

The app assists you at the gaming table and allows you to add Achroma cards to your account, unlock rewards and achievements and influence the future of the Five Realms.



DOWNLOAD NOW on IOS and Google Play


The quickest way to get started with Achroma is with an Achroma First Edition box set. It’s just a matter of choosing which chronicle/release you like the look of most. Each is a totally legitimate standalone game out of the box, and they’re also 100% compatible with each other.

Each Achroma set contains 60 beautifully illustrated Achroma cards, split into 2 complete palettes (decks), ready to play out of the box.

Each palette contains:
1 Legendary card (with luxury embossed finish)
4 Rare cards (with luxury embossed finish)
9 Uncommon cards
16 Common cards

There are 6 pre-constructed palettes in each release, split between 3 factions. The palette combination you receive is random, but always from different factions.

You can keep the two palettes as they are – perfect for two players – or add them all to your Achroma collection, and build you own palettes – ideal for the collector.


Join us on Discord for all things Achroma.

The Realm Runner Studios Team are on hand to answer any burning rules questions, give you the heads up on any announcements, get your feedback and share sneak peeks at forthcoming releases or concepts.

If that’s not enough, you can mix it up with other Achroma players and fans who chat about Achroma, share gameplay and deckbuilding advice, fan art, videos, arrange games and even play online using webcams.


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